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When one door closes

When one door closes, another one opens was a common phrase we heard from many people when we left our jobs to pursue starting our own business. One year later, Active Life Fitness was born, and three months after that, our gym was destroyed by a fire. When one door closes, another one opens was, once again, a phrase we clung to and believed to be true. But today was the first time I ever heard from someone, “Why didn't you take the insurance money and run?”

The thing I love about 90-year-olds is that they tell it like it is, and they don’t care how it sounds. My answer to this particular woman was, “I guess if we had felt that we made a mistake in opening Active Life Fitness maybe we would have, or if we had been in business for a while and were feeling burnt out, this may have been an option, but we don’t fit the description of either of those things.” I told her we love what we do, we love being in business together (although that does have its challenges), and we have not even scratched the surface of what we need to accomplish.

Every one of us needs a kick in the pants sometimes. When we were fired, it forced us to step up to our potential and open a business. When our business was destroyed by a fire, it allowed us to step away and take an honest look at some of the things we could do better and correct them, and it enabled us to find a better location and space. How many new businesses get the chance to hit the delete button and make improvements in such a short period? We could not be more thrilled about the “new door” we’re opening, and not just in the figurative sense. We’re literally opening a new door to our new business, and we can’t wait to share our efforts to make Active Life Fitness even better than it was before. 

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