It's all in your Head

The other day, one of our Active Life Fitness members was complaining about her "problem area" as she rubbed her belly. She said, "If only I could get rid of this" grabbing a chunk of her midsection.

I told her that the only "problem area" on her body was her head! If we believe we have a problem area, our brains tell our bodies, "keep that area a problem."  The subconscious mind doesn't interpret the goals; it only responds to what it is programmed to do!

Our brains do not differentiate between positive or negative thoughts about ourselves, it just carries out the instruction. In fact, our subconscious minds control 95% of what we do!

How do our conscious minds turn into our subconscious minds? By believing our "truths" about ourselves such as "I have a problem area" and then replaying that story over and over again to ourselves and others until it becomes embedded in our subconscious.

How do we fix it? By thinking positive, encouraging thoughts that align with the goals we want to achieve, by believing we are beautiful just the way we are, by saying "Thank you" when someone gives us a compliment, and by giving "shout-outs" to ourselves 'cause we're lit" every once in awhile.

Let's lift each other up and light up the world:)

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