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3 Reasons Why Middle-Aged Women Need a Personal Trainer

According to BMC Women's Health , about half of women decrease their regular exercise routines during middle-age. Combine this with the reduction in metabolism and muscle loss during this stage of life, and we have got ourselves a perfect storm of weight gain and obesity. According to a study published in 2014 called, Factors Influencing Adherence to Regular Exercise in Middle-Aged Women,  Middle-aged women are more inclined to exercise if they have: #1 An established daily structure that incorporates exercise .  For most middle-aged women, the day's activities have a hierarchy, and exercise is low on that list. This is a time in our lives when careers and family obligations take precedence. Hiring a personal trainer is the solution to structuring your days to include exercise. When you have an appointment with a personal trainer, chances are you will show up. #2 Anticipated positive feelings associated with exercise .  Some women just don't like the feeling of exercisi